Exhibitions – Introduction

As a Club we host both physical and digital exhibitions of members work.

In 2019 Aberdare commemorated 150 years of Aberdare Town Park. Working with both the Cynon Valley Museum http://cynonvalleymuseum.wales/exhibitions-at-home-by-cynon-valley-museum-2/

and the “Friends of Aberdare Park”, a combined physical exhibition was held early in 2020 at the museum. Images can be seen on the 150th menus option.


Due to Covid-19 in early 2020 all physical meetings and hence exhibitions were suspended. Working with the museum our members were able to create two digital exhibitions on the museum web site site to celebrate both Aberadre Park and Dare Valley Country Park, both being loved by our community. Links to which are as follows.

In addition individual members have had work hosted by the museum in relation to photography in the Cynon Valley.

The following was created by our club member Wendy Donovan and is a study of Hans Hoyer ( A well respected photographer and former club member ) and of Nicholas Evans.

We hope that you enjoy our work?