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My photographic journey began seven years ago while on a cruise around the Caribbean. I had borrowed my daughter’s camera and during the periods at sea I was bored and read the manual cover to cover. My background is engineering, so I found the technical aspects of the camera, combined with the creative possibilities, a fascinating combination. At that time I was looking for something to get my teeth into as I eased into retirement. I guess you always admire the talents you don’t possess, and I’d always admired creative people. As I started this new chapter of my life I wondered if I could find some creativity. Photography appeared to offer me that opportunity – camera settings and editing software suit my logical engineering brain, but the output is creative. It was the perfect combination I was looking for; I was hooked, and I’ve spent thousands of hours since! And of course, photography is such a broad church giving so many opportunities to experience things that otherwise I doubt I would be interested in, that, to date, I never get bored of it. One evening I might be photographing kick-boxers and the next Dippers at Dovedale. I have not found any subject so far that makes me want to focus on a particular genre, so I’m definitely an all-rounder. That said my underwater work combines photography with the other great passion in my life, scuba diving, so I would have to list that as my favourite genre.