Les Loosemore

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  • On Monday we return to Zoom as we invite Les Loosemore to the club.
  • Les is a noted local photographer and judge, so no doubt we will get an insight to the thought process that a judge considers!
    • To quote Les
      •  Resulting from my obvious interest in sport, and football in particular, I decided to start my photographic journey in the sporting arena so to speak. My involvement in professional football allowed me to gain accreditation to matches played in the Football League. This was a very interesting and pleasing experience, progressing to a similar experience at professional rugby and cricket matches.This early occurrence and exposure to my photography, all shot on negative film quickly challenged my expanding appetite to pursue other aspects of this fascinating pastime. Film turned to digital and sporting arenas turned to nature’s pastures and rich tapestry. The journey had started.
      • Photography offers a huge variety of subject matter, full of interest and challenge. It has become a passion, providing enrichment and satisfaction from something that is so accessible to us all. Just one simple rule to observe, “Enjoy your photography”.
    • One look at his work and you’ll know that you will learn a great deal about about composition and photography.