John Bolloten – “Nothing to See Here” and “Love Story”

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I am particulary pleased that we have been able to get John to speak to our club.

John is based in Bradford working as a documentary photographer. His work is “gritty” and highlights the realities of life in post industrial regions of the UK. Work that gives photography a purpose.

For those of us in Aberdare his work will resinate and inspire us to look more closely at our community.

John Bollotten – “Nothing To See Here’. John takes street photography to the level of social campaigning with his images of modern post industrial Britain. Gritty no hold barred photography awakening the viewer to what is currently happening in parts of our society. In his own words – “My talk will encompass the three parts of my work with drug users and the homeless. The first part is nothing to see here, the second is love story and the third is this is not a life, it’s just an Existence which I will publish next year. All are very much inter-connected as will become clear and also reflects my own journey from street Photography into deep and intimate social documentary. . Starts at 7:30pm Monday 29th March. Review Johns work at