WPF Conference – John Bolloten – Nothing To See Here


WPF Zoom Conference – Free Access to Aberdare CC Members

John has already presented to Aberdare CC in a most memorable and thought provoking presentation. Truly represents the harrowing effects that drugs have on our communities and devastation brought to the addict, families, friends and all of us. Excellent documentary photography that will make photographers realise the impact that you can have with your images.

John Bolloten


John Bolloten is a documentary photographer based in Bradford, UK. His work primarily focuses on documenting people and subcultures that exist on the margins of society. Although, he has worked and continues to work on a number of different projects, it is his five years of work with heroin and crack users that he is best known for. His book “Nothing To See Here” (2017) opened a window into Bradford’s gritty underbelly of drug and alcohol addiction, homelessness and vice. A second book, “Love Story” (2019) was a very intimate reportage into the lives of Gary and Maree, a drug-using couple. In October, John will publish his hardback book “This is Not a Life, It’s Just an Existence” which covers all his work with drug users and will feature eighteen life stories. Other books by John include “Bradford Street” (2014), “Belgrade” (2015), “Shabash” (2016), “Field of Broken Dreams” (2018), “Gladiators” (2020) and “Margins” (2021). John is currently working on a number of long-term projects including bare knuckle pit fighting and the northern grime and drill music scenes. For his talks at the WPF 2021 Conference, John will present and discuss his work with drug users and how it was possible to do such a long project with a very hidden group of people in our society.