People Trophy – Internal Competition

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Internal Competition – Images and prints of PEOPL

 Aberdare Camera Club 

People Trophy 

For next season I am presenting a trophy to be competed for annually. As the title suggests this is about photography of people. I have set out the rules below so you all have a chance to get some pictures ready. 

1. Prints or projected. 

2. 3 images per photographer (can be a mix of prints and projected) 

3. The main subject has to be people. 

4. 1 – 10 people as the main subject (there may be other people in the background so long as they are incidental. E.g. the crowd at a rugby match where the players are the subject). 

5. The style is open, street, sport, kids, portrait, quirky, fashion in fact you name it so long as the subject is a person or people it is eligible. 

6. No composites. This is for straight images the only processing to be the basic processing. 

7. No scores will be awarded. There will be an overall winner and a number of highly commended and commended images. 

The competition will be judged on the night with no preview by the judge (me). The judging criteria will be different to our other competitions as the emphasis will be on the visual impact of the picture and NOT the technical aspects of the picture. I shall be looking for pictures that have the wow factor, that are imaginative, that tell a story, that challenge the viewer, maybe even disturb. Don’t forget humour, this can lift an otherwise ordinary image to a new level. Spending hours finessing your picture in Lightroom or Photoshop will not gain you a better mark, so don’t waste your time. I hope that this approach will allow all members to compete on equal terms. 

Good luck everyone.